How to sleep to avoid neck and snoring?

Sleep, besides being an incomparable pleasure, is also key to human health. The effects of sleep on people have been widely described, so to speak again about their impact on the immune system, weight and mental state are meaningless.

However, sleeping is not the same as sleeping well. And to achieve the desired restorative sleep, the position in which we sleep is key: this can make the difference between getting rested to our activities or doing it full of aches and pains.

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting note and info graphic in which it summarizes the positions that you should adopt when sleeping if you have different health problems. According to the opinion of doctors and research, here are the keys to sleep having a favorable impact on several health problems:

Snakes and sleep appeal

The specialists agree that one way to reduce the harmful effects of these pathologies is to sleep on their backs. Remember that in sleep apnea there are frequent interruptions of breathing that are caused by the blockage or narrowing of the airway. It is estimated that no more than 10% of patients who have these problems can be cured only by changing their position, which is low. However, it represents a hope for many of those who do not let anyone sleep at night with their snoring. As you know, those affected by sleep apnea are at risk of dying of a heart attack while they sleep.

Neck pain

Avoid sleeping on your stomach since you will inevitably turn your face towards one of the two sides in order to breathe. Being like this compresses the joints of your bones and increases the pain. The best thing here is to sleep on your back or on your side. Ideally, you should acquire a U-shaped pillow, which will allow you to support the space between your shoulders and your head.

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